For demonstration purposes, we're selling some of our own Shoprocket merchandise.

They were injected into this webpage automatically via our code snippet. Only one code snippet is required, no matter how many products you have.

Once our code is embedded, you can add your own products simply by logging into your dashboard.

These products have our standard "out of the box" style applied to them.
You can find the code snippet for this in your dashboard, copy & paste it into your web page and this is what you'll get.

These products have been styled to match the theme of this website, using elements already available in this page, simply by adding in the [tags].

You only need to copy our code into your site once, not for every product or every time you make a change.
This ensures managing your store is incredibly easy

This is the same code snippet, without the "sr-default" class, or any custom styling applied.
Here you can see the raw elements that we embed into your page, ready for you to style as required.


Want to see how easy it is to add product to your own site?
Simply copy & paste the below code into your own web page or blog, and you'll see our demo store seamlessly injected into the page.

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  • "It's amazing how switching to Shoprocket has immediately increased our sales. The average spend on wines and spirits went up substantially."

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