A list of our current, soon to come and future features.
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Working On
  • 3rd party shipping integrations
  • Digital downloads v2
  • Embeddable options in sr-block
  • U.S tax support (Taxjar)
  • More Payment Gateways
  • More Currency Support
  • Localisation & Language Support
  • Basket Abandonment Recovery
Up Next
  • Invoices for Shoprocket fees
  • V2 reporting tools
  • PDF invoices for customer orders
  • Bulk product uploader
  • Improved email templates
  • Product pagination in sr-block
  • Embeddable search widget
  • Shoprocket hosted stores (v1)
  • Product list filters & sorting

Why our customers love Shoprocket

  • "It's amazing how switching to Shoprocket has immediately increased our sales. The average spend on wines and spirits went up substantially."

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