Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we offer Stripe & PayPal as our preferred payment gateways - we continue to evaluate alternative providers and endeavour to integrate those that we feel meet the level of quality we require to offer the best possible checkout experience.
Stripe offer a fantastic payment gateway, it’s incredibly simple and free to signup. They typically operate on a transaction fee of 2.4% +20p - when used with Shoprocket this is reduced to 1.9% +20p for UK Visa & MasterCard payments and 2.4% +20p for international and Amex transactions. You can find out more about Stripe’s pricing here: Stripe payout on a rolling 7 day basis, meaning if you make a sale on Tuesday, the funds will reach your bank account on the following Monday.
Millions of people use PayPal at thousands of shops. Just an email address and password, or mobile number and PIN, will get you through checkout before you can reach for your wallet. You can signup easily but will be required to confirm your details before you can withdraw any funds. Currently, PayPal requires your customers to be navigated away from your website to complete their payment, which we feels breaks our user flow, however many users instinctively look for the PayPal option as it’s so widely used. You can withdraw your funds from PayPal manually at any time. They also offer a free automatic 7 day payout, as well as a premium daily service.
Using our single line of javascript setup, we do enforce modals as it’s the quickest way to technically enable eCommerce onto any site. Aside from that, it also gives a significantly greater conversion rate on checkout. We evaluated all existing checkout experiences and the results proved that using our complete modal based checkout, has on average a 133% improvement on conversion rates.
Options can be setup and applied to any product. For example, a shirt may be available in small, medium or large and shoes may be available in sizes 6 - 12. To add options to a product, simply edit your product and click the “options” tab, then click “Add New”.

This will open a new pop up where you can give the options a name, such as “Please select a shoe size” You can then define each option, along with any effects this has on price in the amount field. (Typing in 1, would add £1 to the product price. Typing -1 would reduce the price by £1. There is no need to type the currency in, this is automatically set by the account settings) Once you have created the option group, you can then apply it to that product by selecting it from the drop down. The option group can then be applied to any other product automatically from the drop down, there is no need to recreate it every time.

Once the option group has been applied to a product, you can also edit individual options from that product, such as entering stock levels, or changing the price amount, or even deleting an option entirely, this will only apply to that product and not affect others.
Using our standard integration, the data collected during checkout is currently kept to an absolute minimum to ensure the smoothest checkout experience possible (and as a result the highest conversion rate on orders) The information we currently collect is: Name, email address and full address for billing & shipping. We can optionally capture a contact number, although we request this after they have completed the checkout.
Currently, Shoprocket only powers product information. Your website page titles & meta data still need to be set via your existing CMS or hardcoded into your page HTML. Product URLs are handled via Shoprocket.
Absolutely, you have complete control over the email via and can send either plain text or HTML for order confirmation. Simply paste in your email template along with the variables such as [[companyname]], [[items]], [[total]] etc. and we’ll do the rest. All emails are sent via Sendgrid ( so delivery is guaranteed.
As this would require capturing extra data during checkout, this is currently not supported via our standard sr.js integration. This would require a more advanced installation of Shoprocket.
Yes you can add as many custom fields as required in the dashboard of Shoprocket, we can then render them out into your website by using the tag name of that field.

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